Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avril Lavigne can't predict the future

I speak of events you feel you could change had you the ability to time travel. It also relates to another phenomenon thats prevalent in sci-fi action shows I live vicariously through.

So let's say you want to go back to 1993, change something and you have the ability to do just that. You appear in the year you wished. Too late, you already fucked the time line up.. when you appeared you displaced your volume of air which pushed against more air creating pressure in that spot that didn't exist before.

All of that snowballed into a new air current which created a new low pressure and spawns a dead air pocket for an 747 full of people that delays their flight by maybe 2 minutes.. this is going to continue forever with no end, that's what time is.

Here is the kind of scene that is infuriating me and needs to stop. The protagonist or other main character is face to face with his daughters killers, the ones directly responsible. A supporting character is there begging him not to cross the line by taking vengeance on this antagonist, it's wrong bla bla it won't bring her back. Then they wip out this gem 'What would Cindy or Mandy(whatever her cunty name was), what would she want you to do?'

How is that even the least bit relevant? The girl is dead, she doesn't want for anything. She isn't capable of awareness and if she was, she wouldn't be dead and the entire basis for his motivation for seeking vengeance no longer exists. Another example of this is evident if you have the movie Bowling for Columbine at around 37 minutes in:

It's a tragedy that he got shot. But don't be a simpleton, he had no expectations. If he did, if you could talk to him at that moment, he expected to be doing whatever it was he was already doing with his life. Honestly.

So.. why did I title this blog about poor Avril? Well she has a song I'm sure many people have heard, I think it's what earned her some notice. It tells a sad story of girl meets boy and her friends didn't like him for whatever reason, she turns him down.

Years later when she's got kids and is alone(Avril is mean to her characters, if she even wrote the song) she flips on the TV and recognizes the boy she knew from school who is now a successful rock musician.

This apparently fills the character with regrets that she missed the biggest opportunity of her life. Right.. is it ridiculous to assume, on a random chance, that her rejection of him was part of events for his future stardom? That had she hooked up with him, he would have become middle management of a civil engineering company? Why do I think Avril just trolled physicists?

You cannot touch the closest petal without affecting the farthest start.

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