Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't fear the reaper

Why do people fear death? Confused? I certainly elephant.

This isn't advocating suicide though if you have those kinds of plans, I'm not going to talk you out of it. I find it amusing that theists who stand to gain the most from their demise should fight so strongly against it though.
Just irks me when people say they are afraid of death because that's not the truth. They are afraid of dying; the difference is pain.

Let's say you wake up one morning refreshed and ready to go. You can just barely remember a strange dream you had.. but you needed your mind to be conscious in order to be aware of the dream and rate its significance. As far as you were concerned while dreaming or not, you were dead. Your conscious wasn't present.. that is as significant as death to you.

From the outside you aren't 'technically' dead, you have no consciousness but your body maintains itself autonomously. You are still alive.

We need a new definition of the pain of dying. I would be fine with the fear of that, it's obviously an evolutionary response to create fear from the thought of the body being punctured, burned, mutilated and intense pain when it is. Enjoyment of pain and happiness in the face of dying does nothing for a species longevity.

Perhaps now we can all appreciate how much we would enjoy death.. as much as a good night sleep.


  1. just one question, the fuck does " i certainly elephant" mean?

  2. designed to confuse you :p

    looks like a success

  3. its not like anyone gets out alive, right

  4. Some pretty deep stuff you talk about man! Keep up the good work!

  5. death=unknown. we all fear the unknown

  6. "Death is nothing to us,
    since when we are,
    death has not come,
    and when death has come,
    we are not."

  7. as thuganomics said, people fear the unknown.

  8. Well it doesn't seem that unknown to me, that was my entire point. When you're brain shuts down to sleep only single segments are active and your awareness is gone. If what really matter to you is only that you are aware of it.. how could you fear without?