Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrong country for a nerd

I live, as some of you know, in Australia.

For anyone else living here, you are aware how dastardly the conditions are for nerds like me. I am a cold weather animal; in fact every person I've met who enjoys computers that has a general distaste for people and the outdoors - enjoys cold weather.

And it's more than logical to do so. When faced with cold weather most people rug up, shirts, jackets, jumpers, trench coats, windbreakers so on. Others living in more extreme conditions( I know a fellow living in Luleå, Sweden) are naturally heated.

But what do you do when it's unbearably hot? I'm not talking 30c(86f) here that melts most UK blokes, I'm talking 41c(107f) like it at the time of writing here. I have the Aircon blasting away and I am wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts, thankfully indoors away from anyone that might turn to stone from such a sight.

It's still not enough.

Here's another reason this country is terrible for nerds: Connection speeds.

Lately our infamous bandwidth caps have lessened in effect to great delight of many however this picture still illustrates a problem:

Ranked forty third! We are beaten by Mongolia, you can't see that on this image.
A thousand words have been spoken by this image, there's nothing more to add.

If you are a nerd, enjoys cold weather and fat bandwidth, don't come here. Don't even visit.


  1. really, the only thing I can say about that is how much it sucks.

  2. Wow, Portugal is at 10º, great!