Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wild Animals in Floods

I'm sure you have heard the news of the floods and more recent cyclone hit Australia.

From where I live it didn't really effect me - it's the other side of the country that took the blows. Since they already took a nasty cyclone 4 years ago they rebuilt stronger and caused the media a headache as there wasn't much negativity to capitalize upon.
Nothing a camera crew likes more than to see a dead kid floating down the street after all.

However witnessing the scenes from the previous floods were rather uninteresting to see, my father sent me a few pictures I found interesting. Apparently animals in the wild, when faced with imminent danger from a natural disaster will temporarily suspend food chain operations in order to escape.. almost reminds me of a scene in Avatar.
This is some random in his boat picking up wild waterlogged roos:

 Normally of course these would be terrified of the man and fight or flight would kick in.
Even more startling to me is this picture of a frog getting a ride on the back of a snake:

All snakes are able to swim; a fact this frog seems to be well aware of as it doesn't seem at all fazed taking the reptilian express down the river.

It also occurs to me how much more interesting i find this than the devastation and destruction of peoples homes, cars, businesses and crops which will impact their lives for years.

What can I say, empathy is not one of my strong suits.


  1. Yeah mate, I'm in Brisbane but luckily I was in area that didn't get inundated. Those bushfires you got over there has been looking pretty bad though.

  2. Wow amazing pictures man, incredible stuff

  3. This raises a good point. The media twissle their tits over people drowning etc but they never really report the ecological damage etc.

  4. hey man, keep going do the good work

  5. The media only care about the devastation and drama - it pulls in the ratings.
    Their agenda was quite evident when they were interviewing people that said positive things after negative leading questions :p

  6. Amazing pics mate. I hope you and your family wernt effected by the cyclone.